Friday, May 21, 2010

Video Games

Bear Game
(click for better quality)
A personal concept I played with one afternoon. While this bear is checking his mail, a tree falls between him and his house, so he must travel all the way around the world in order to get back home. Along the way, the bear collects multiple power-ups to aid him through the levels.

Here are some test animations:


Another concept I played with. A PostMan has to battle against the evil private Currier company to deliver a package and restore public faith in the government postal service. In this sprite sheet, I restricted myself to NES/Game Boy Color dimensions and colour pallets (you'll notice that each sprite uses only three colours plus a transparency).

Using these sprites, I actually made a playable PostMan demo with MultiMedia Fusion 2, but it is now lots in time.

Here is an animation test I did. (I obviously stole the background, sound effects, and music from other sources -- I just wanted to see how he moved):

Miner Threat
(click for better quality)

I got together with some local programmers for a game jam. They came up with a space-mining strategy/adventure game called Miner Threat using Unity (it is unfinished). I created a ship, some power ups, and some resources.

Here is an animation test which I made for the programming team:

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